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Arsenic Removal Water Filter
A  large population  in Gangetic belt  of India is alarmingly affected  by arsenic poisoning. Effects of arsenic are severe and responsible for skin cancer, carcinoma, stunted  growth, etc. To mitigate the problem of arsenic   ...
Bioremediation of Oil in Marine Environment
Hydrocarbon pollution in marine environment is known to affect man, material and marine  eco-system.  These hydrocarbons  are  known to  cause  permanent inheritable changes in exposed individuals leading to increased in  ...
Ceramic-Composite Integral Armour
    The present  innovation is a unique technology to produce lightweight, maintenance  free and easily repairable  multifunctional alternative  engineered material known as Ceramic Composite Integral Armour which  ...
Composite Laminates with Tailorable Electrical Properties
The technology enables  the  design and development  of composite  laminates with tailorable surface resistivity values. A structural composite with a surface resistivity of any given order (in the range of 10 to 10 /sq.) may be d  ...
Electrically Conducting Structural Foams
The subject technology is the development of a special material for functional core material  in  sandwich  designs  for  EMI shielding  structural  applications  like electronic enclosures. The present    ...
Friction Surfacing: Novel Technique for Metal Matrix Composite on Aluminium-Silicon Alloy
    Aluminium alloys are  used  in applications  demanding  lightweight  and  high strength.  These applications could be  in wrought  or cast  form. Some of the components  need  ...
Heat Stabilized Narrow Fabrics (tapes & webbings) and Cordages for Improved Elastic Recovery Property
This technology  is a  heat  stabilized narrow  fabric tape  for improved  elastic recovery property. It has been developed and tested such that it proves that heat setting narrow fabrics (tapes & webbings) and corda  ...
Heptafluoropropane (HFC-227ea): a Halon Alternative
The unique combination of properties associated with certain fluorinated methanes and ethanes has led to their widespread use in fire suppression systems. These fire suppression agents are characterized by high fire suppression efficiency, low toxici  ...
Hydrogen Storage Materials - Metal Hydride Stockers
Hydrogen storage is an emerging area of technology for efficient and safe storage of hydrogen, which is a highly combustible gas. The technology involves storage of hydrogen in metals and alloys as metal hydride, and the gas can be released at contro  ...
Magneto- Resistive Electrical Switching Fluid
    The subject technology is smart fluid whose electrical resistivity can be varied by order of several magnitudes by using an external magnetic field. This sharp and reversible change in resistivity make the fluid transform  fro  ...
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