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Friction Surfacing: Novel Technique for Metal Matrix Composite on Aluminium-Silicon Alloy  
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Friction Surfacing: Novel Technique for Metal Matrix Composite on Aluminium-Silicon Alloy    
Aluminium alloys are  used  in applications  demanding  lightweight  and  high strength.  These applications could be  in wrought  or cast  form. Some of the components  need to exhibit wear resistance, which is dedicated by the surface property. For better wear resistance the surface should be hard. The approach to impart hardness is by hardening as well as by some surface treatment involving surface alloying, hard-face  coating etc. Aluminium alloys do not  exhibit wear resistance, as do not response to surface hardening heat treatments. The general approach to impart wear resistance in such situations is to build a surface layer consisting of metal matrix composites. These MMCs contain ceramic particulates. One such metal matrix that has high wear resistance is MMC with SiC  particulate.  Deposition  of this  MMC through  fusion  route  result  in the formation of Al4C3 that gets embrittled when exposed to moisture. Keeping the aforementioned  in  view,  studies  were  carried  out  to  bring  the   potential usefulness  of  friction  surfacing  technique   to  improve  wear  and  corrosion behavior of A356 Al-Si alloy. The coatings exhibit excellent bonding with the substrate. The coating also has adequate corrosion resistance.

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