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35m Mountain Footbridge including its Launching Systems
A lightweight 35m mountain footbridge (MFB) has been developed at R&DE(E), Pune to  bridge clear gaps up
 to 32m with a pathway of&n
Hydraulic and Lube Filters
The hydraulic system of LCA-Tejas operates  at 280-bar pressure  and provides power for quadruplex digital flight control system and aircraft utility services. LCA- Tejas hydraulic system is fitted with filters having mesh sizes in the rang  ...
Liquid spring based Shock Absorption System (SAS)
The innovation is a compact designed Shock Isolator based on Liquid Spring based Shock Absorption System mainly meant for automotive applications to reduce/eliminate the jerking effect. It works on principles of hydraulic piston and cylinder having h  ...
Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)/Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)
The Remotely  Operated  Vehicle  has  been  developed  to  handle  Improvised Explosive Devices, detect or confirm its presence and also to diffuse it. Additionally it can also measure  Radiation and Chemi  ...
RO based Mobile Water Purification System (MWPS)
Large-scale biological and chemical contamination  of environment,  equipment, food and water may take place in case of an Industrial accident, natural calamity, terrorist activity, etc. Water is one of the most basic requirements  for  ...
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