DRDO-FICCI Initiative on Acclerated Technology Assessment and Commercialization
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Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO), the R&D wing of the Ministry of Defence, Government of India has completed 50 years of dedicated service to the Nation. The year 2008 marks its Golden Jubilee Year. With 50 research and development laboratories under its umbrella, DRDO has developed and produced several state-of-the-art military hardware & strategic systems. DRDO has synergised with the Armed Forces in capability building, both in terms of equipments and technologies. DRDO owes its success to the participation and contribution made by more than 100 academic institutions and over 500 industries from within and outside the country. Research centres, S&T establishments and various departments of the State and the Central Governments have also contributed to its success story.
Website: www.drdo.org
FICCI is the rallying point for free enterprises in India. It has empowered Indian businesses, in the changing times, to shore up their competitiveness and enhance their global reach. With a nationwide membership of over 1500 corporates and over 500 chambers of commerce and business associations, FICCI espouses the shared vision of Indian businesses and speaks directly and indirectly for over 2,50,000 business units. It has an expanding direct membership of enterprises drawn from large, medium, small and tiny segments of manufacturing, distributive trade and services. FICCI maintains the lead as the proactive business solution provider through research, interactions at the highest political level and global networking.
In the knowledge-driven globalized economy, FICCI stands for quality, competitiveness, transparency, accountability and business-government-civil society partnership to spread ethics-based business practices and to enhance the quality of life of the common people.
FICCI reach is not restricted or dominated by large business houses. We provide service and support to all cross section of industry and trade irrespective of their size. In fact, we have a separate Committee, which handles the specific issues relating to small and medium sector in India. By definition, the small and medium sector in India is possibly equivalent to the "tiny sector" that you have in the US. We are closely associated with the Indian SME's as we invite them on delegations to help provide them international linkages with industry clusters abroad. Our membership structure also provides us direct as well as indirect linkages with the SME's all over the country.
Website: www.ficci.com
IC² Institute, University of Texas at Austin
The IC² Institute is a globally recognized "think and do" component of The University of Texas at Austin whose mission is to engage in cutting-edge research to enhance the solving of unstructured problems related to market economies, wealth creation, growth, and prosperity through entrepreneurial activity and the commercialization of technological innovation. IC² Institute offers its 29 years of experience to regions and enterprises interested in increasing prosperity through technology commercialization. Services include training entrepreneurs and technology commercialization managers; launching and managing programs for venture incubation, global business acceleration, lab-to-market technology licensing; and developing strategic plans for technology-based infrastructure and economic development.
Website: www.icc.utexas.edu
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