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Magneto- Resistive Electrical Switching Fluid  
Product Description

Magneto- Resistive Electrical Switching Fluid
    The subject technology is smart fluid whose electrical resistivity can be varied by order of several magnitudes by using an external magnetic field. This sharp and reversible change in resistivity make the fluid transform  from an insulator to a conductor. In the presence of a magnetic field typically 0.7 tesla, the resistivity of the 8 fluid changes from 2 X 10 ohm to 1 ohm within a fraction of second. Materials with such characteristics are not reported in literature and this development is a breakthrough. The composition of the fluid includes magnetic responsive particles, conductive dopant , particle stabiliser and carrier fluid. In the absence of magnetic field, the magneto responsive electrical switching fluid has a measurable electrical resistivity. However, in the presence of an external magnetic field, the electrical resistivity of the fluid decreases to a very low value as the suspended particles align themselves resulting in rapid physical gelling of the fluid. This facilitate transport of electrons induced by the added dopents (either by mutual contact or by tunneling effect). Once the magnetic field is removed, the electron transport  is no longer possible as the  particles return  to the  disoriented  pattern  and it becomes  an insulator.

Areas of Applications

This novel material has potential for several applications. Few applications that can be thought of are non arcing lighting switch for use in explosive areas (explosion proof switches), magnetic field sensors, magnetic mine activators, proximity fuses for torpedoes,  over voltage protectors,  tilt sensors, smart microwave absorbers,earth current leak sensors and the like
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