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A biopersevative for extending the shelf life of fresh mutton
At present no tehcnology available for the preservation of fresh mutton without any chemical preservatives, which can improve the shelf life beyond 20 hours.  ...
A process for Bacterial cellulose production
Production of biomaterial and food ingredient using micro-organisms from renewable sources.  ...
A Process for enhancing shelf life of fresh mutton at room temperature
Fresh meat is a highly perishable commodity and spoils within 18-20 hours at ambient conditions 20-30 degree C. At present no technology available for the preservation of fresh mutton without any chemical presevatives, which can improve the shelf lif  ...
Aloe vera based fruit spread
Commonly used medication for colon ulcer offer only temporary relief to ulcerative colitis. In addition it gives rious side effects. The aloe vera based fruit spread developed has been experimentally proved in rats that it can ameliorate the acetic a  ...
Appetizer Beverage Mixes - Spiced Drink Mix, Spiced Tomato Mix & Chakotha Soup Mix
The ready to reconstitute convenience appetizers mixes have been developed to address the problem of loss of appetite. In addition, the products have shelf life of six months. Availability of all ingredients freshly at all the time is a problem, so t  ...
Appetizing Mix Ready to reconstitute in cold water
The appetite loss is a general symptom at altitude and in certain medical conditions. The product is a convenience mix to tackle appetite problem. Being a ready to reconstitute and cold water re constitutable, it is an excellent, convenient to the co  ...
Barley bar and fibre enriched bar
Changes in life style and eating habits have considerably decreased the intake of fibre through the diet. Diet rich in fibres are associated with various health benefits. Various processed foods or bars available lack in the fibre content to a desire  ...
Beet root Juice Powder Mix
The vegetable juices are good same as of minor nutrients and functional properties with higher assimilation into the body. The color of the beet roof juice is very native and good flavour . But juice as such shows colour degradation while in dehydrat  ...
Beetel Leaf Juice
Beetel leaves are having digestive property and good source of cartineoids, Vitamins, minerals. Consumption of this juice after a heavy meal is good for digestion. But constant chewing has a various effect in the mouth and therefore juice form will s  ...
Biosynthesis Reactor System
India’s agricultural production base is quite strong but at the same time wastage of agricultural produce is massive. The utilization of fruits and vegetables processing is estimated to be around 2.2% of the total production, also industry facing con  ...
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