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Composite Laminates with Tailorable Electrical Properties  
Product Description

Composite Laminates with Tailorable Electrical Properties

The technology enables  the  design and development  of composite  laminates with tailorable surface resistivity values. A structural composite with a surface resistivity of any given order (in the range of 10 to 10 /sq.) may be developed using this particular technology. Based on the exact resistivity requirements,  the base  reinforcements  may be  either  insulating (i.e. glass) or  conducting  (i.e. carbon) whereas the matrix may be any of the commercially available thermosetting resins which have to be loaded with a critical recipe of fillers like carbon nanotubes etc.

Areas of Applications

Structural   composite   materials   with   any  of  the  following   electrical/electromagnetic requirements:

  • Antistatic

  • EMI shielding

  • Space Cloth

  • Functionally graded radar absorbing materials

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