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Electrically Conducting Structural Foams  
Product Description

Electrically Conducting Structural Foams
The subject technology is the development of a special material for functional core material  in  sandwich  designs  for  EMI shielding  structural  applications  like electronic enclosures.

The present  technology involves tailoring hollow glass microspheres embedded polymeric syntactic foams for electrical conductivity applications by incorporation of certain lightweight conductive in critical quantities, so as to ensure the initiation of the electrical percolation phenomenon in the bulk materials. These additives not only render the resultant composite foams with sufficient electrical conductivity, but  also reinforce them  structurally. Such electrically conducting lightweight structural foams can be tuned for a wide range of densities, thermal with standability, mechanical and electrical properties  by judicious selection of material compositions and chemistries. Further, these foams can also be subjected to near net shape fabrication, even for components with critical contours.

Areas of Applications

Core  material   for  any  lightweight  sandwich  structures   for  EMI shielding applications, including those  demanding  critical contours  and near  net  shape fabrication

  1. Antistatic surfaces.
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