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Acoustic Life Detector (Sanjeevani)
The technology is used to detect and save human beings trapped under the debris of collapsed buildings due to earth quake or land slide. This equipment is based on highly air sensitive acoustic sensor and audio signal processing to clearly listen to   ...
The technology has been developed for resolving the problems of un-decomposed human waste. The innovation degrades and converts the human waste into usable water and gasses in an eco-friendly manner. The generated gas can be utilized for energy/ cook  ...
Mosquito larvae are generally killed using synthetic insecticides, which are very detrimental  to environment.  However, development  of eco-friendly mosquito larvicides would be a positive approach to maintain sustainable eco- environ  ...
Scrub typhus a rickettsial disease is transmitted by vector mites Leptptrombidium deliense and Lakamushi is caused by Rickettsia tsutsugamushi. Many army personnel fell sick due to febrile illness. Scrub typhus is of animal origin like rodents and sh  ...
DRDE, Gwalior has synthesised the multi-insect repellent diethylphenyleacetamide (DEPA) and developed various formulation such as DEPA 50% lotion in isopropanol. DEPA 50% lotion is an indigenized repellent available in India and highly effective agai  ...
Herbal Mosquito Repellent Vaporizer
The innovation  is a herbal  based  eco-friendly, non-toxic and  sweet  smelling formulation of mosquito repellant liquidator, which is very effective and has long shelf  life. The chemical  repellents  availab  ...
Multi-Purpose Foldable Cot
    DRDO's INMAS in Delhi has developed a Multi-Purpose Foldable cot that can be carried as backpack, due to its compact folding configuration and light weight. It has been designed to be used as a stretcher for fast evacuation of jawa  ...
RO based Mobile Water Purification System (MWPS)
Large-scale biological and chemical contamination  of environment,  equipment, food and water may take place in case of an Industrial accident, natural calamity, terrorist activity, etc. Water is one of the most basic requirements  for  ...
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