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DRDE, Gwalior has synthesised the multi-insect repellent diethylphenyleacetamide (DEPA) and developed various formulation such as DEPA 50% lotion in isopropanol. DEPA 50% lotion is an indigenized repellent available in India and highly effective against various blood-sucking organism such as trombiculid mites and land leeches.  Drug Controller of India has granted license for its use as insect repellent on human being and DEPA is included in the Indian Pharmacopoeia.

The trials conducted by Armed Forces has found DEPA 50% (in isopropanol) lotion effective against trombiculid mites as compared to Dibutylphalate (DBP).

DEPA 50% lotion can be applied on fabric to produce a thin layer over it.

The technology of DEPA 50% lotion has been transferred to various industries to full-fill the requirements of Armed Forces. 

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