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Bio-larvicide Mosquito larvae are generally killed using synthetic insecticides, which are very detrimental  to environment.  However, development  of eco-friendly mosquito larvicides would be a positive approach to maintain sustainable eco- environment.  The lab has isolated a potential  entomopathogenic soil bacteria, Bacillus sphaericus  and  developed  a  mosquito  biolarvicides of 10% powder formulation using this bacteria. The identified bacteria act on mosquito larvae through  its paraporal  crystal delta  endotoxin.  The endotoxin  acts on mid-gut epithelium  causing  disintegration  of  gut  wall, cessation  of  feeding  activity, starvation and leakage of gut contents into haemolymph and body cavity of the mosquito larvae causing paralysis and death. Recommended dose for field use is
200-500 gm/ha  to be sprayed  uniformly over the  water  surface of mosquito breeding site with Knapsack sprayer. Spheritox is a biological larvicide based on highly effective strain of Bacillus sphaericus GC Subgp. IV isolated from mosquito breeding  habitat.  The bacillus isolates  were  inoculated  in growth  media  and incubated for 48 hrs and the biomass harvested was lyophllized and thoroughly mixed with filler inert material at the ratio of 1:10 and used as water dispersible powder 10%WDP. This innovation acts as a stomach poison and shows high larval
mortality than other commercial formulations available in the market.

Areas of Applications
    The  biolarvicide is  very  effective  against  Culex and  Anopheles  larvae  and therefore,  it has potential  uses  in controlling vector  borne  diseases  in areas
where these vector species are prevalent.
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