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Apparatus for Simultaneous Generation and Detection of The Optical Diffraction Pattern for Vibration Monitoring
The invention relates to the field of opto-electronics in general, with particular emphasis in the area concerned with optical techniques for vibration monitoring; and  more  specifically in the  field of opto-electronic  devices   ...
The subject technology is software to do piping layout in virtual environment. In Virtual environment virtual reality navigation is easy, Layout the pipe as we do in real environment imagine a rubber elastic pipein 3D. Then take the info to CAD and c  ...
Opto- Electronic System for Real Time Monitoring of Motions in Stratified Fluids
The present invention elucidates an innovative method and system for real time monitoring of motions in stratified fluids (like waves and mean currents in the ocean and atmosphere). The novel system is applied to monitor internal waves and tsunami wa  ...
Two-Stage Vibration Isolation System
The subject technology is a vibration attenuation system. Two-stage vibration isolation systems are employed where there is a requirement of higher structure borne noise attenuation than isolation obtained by conventional single stage isolation syste  ...
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