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Two-Stage Vibration Isolation System  
Product Description

Two-Stage Vibration Isolation System The subject technology is a vibration attenuation system. Two-stage vibration isolation systems are employed where there is a requirement of higher structure borne noise attenuation than isolation obtained by conventional single stage isolation systems.This system is based on the idea of introducing one more elastic level with an intermediate mass,compared to single stage isolation system. The dynamic behaviour of the intermediate mass and mounts has a strong influence on the  noise  reduction  performance  of the  whole  mounting  system.  NSTL  has developed  these  systems  for ship board  machinery like Motor driven HP air compressor,Refrigeration plant etc.These systems  are  working satisfactorily onboard ships providing 25 to 40 AdB vibration isolation .

Areas of Applications
This system can be used where protection is required from high structure borne noise/vibration levels of machinery such as diesel generators, HP air compressors,pumps in industry.
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