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Product Description

The subject technology is software to do piping layout in virtual environment. In Virtual environment virtual reality navigation is easy, Layout the pipe as we do in real environment imagine a rubber elastic pipein 3D. Then take the info to CAD and create the actual pipes in a very short time.

VEDA  is a Virtual Reality software for Structural visualization and virtual Walkthru's.User can visually inspect the 3D models, walkthrough the assemblies and  inspect  any  interferences.   Better  visualization facilities like 3D Stereo visualizations are provided. Users can take planar cross-sections and measure the clearances on the section. Highly useful tool in mechanical design.

Areas of Applications
The software  can be  used  for better  3D visualizations and  walk-through  the assemblies. It can be used for visual checking of interferences and for observing the clearances when components are assembled.
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