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Apparatus for Simultaneous Generation and Detection of The Optical Diffraction Pattern for Vibration Monitoring  
Product Description

Apparatus for Simultaneous Generation and Detection of The Optical Diffraction Pattern for Vibration Monitoring
The invention relates to the field of opto-electronics in general, with particular emphasis in the area concerned with optical techniques for vibration monitoring; and  more  specifically in the  field of opto-electronic  devices for  monitoring remote sound, and, or mechanical vibrations.

The invention elucidates an innovative method and apparatus for the simultaneous generation and detection of optical diffraction interference pattern on a photo detector. The vibration monitoring device discussed herein comprises of a (any) continuous wave coherent collimated beam of light (or a laser) falling on an (any) optically reflective coating on the surface of the body with inherent vibrations, or with manifest vibrations induced from another source through any medium where the said light is reflected, and then received on the surface of a (any) photo detector  in such a way that the received light falls partially on the sensing  area,  and  partially  on  the  outer   perimeter   of  the  active  sensing area(annular  ring surrounding the perimeter  of the active sensing area) of the said photo detector.

The  spatial  intensity  pattern   produced  on  the  photo  detector   due  to  the interference between the directly incident light and the optically diffracted light, changes, if the incident light emanating  from the reflecting surface undergoes changes in its path length as a result of vibrations felt on the reflecting surface. The  photo   detector   records   the   precise   time   varying  optical  diffraction interference  pattern,  corresponding to the time varying vibrations experienced by the optical reflector. The output signals from the photo detector are recorded and compared with the vibrations fed on to the reflecting surface to demonstrate the efficacy of this method.

Areas of Applications

  • Apparatus to work as an optical microphone, which is operable over the entire range of acoustical frequencies.
  • Non-contact apparatus for monitoring vibrations of objects
  • Apparatus for underwater  acoustic detection
  • Apparatus to work as an optical hydrophone
  • Apparatus  for remotely  detecting  sound  from outside,  when  the  said sound is produced in a room with an optical reflecting outer surface
  • Apparatus for detection of hydrodynamic disturbances in the ocean
  • Apparatus for gravitational wave detection in the atmosphere
  • Apparatus for optical fencing

  • Apparatus  for survivor detection  form inaccessible rubbles  caused  by natural calamities

  • Simple and portable  apparatus  for listening to  sound  emanating  from distant locations

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