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Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)/Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)  
Product Description

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)/Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)
The Remotely  Operated  Vehicle  has  been  developed  to  handle  Improvised Explosive Devices, detect or confirm its presence and also to diffuse it. Additionally it can also measure  Radiation and Chemical Contamination levels. It has been designed for the Army, Police and other paramilitary forces engaged in counter terrorist operations

  • Robot  based  Remote  Controlled Unmanned  Ground Vehicle  (UGV)  to handle Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)
  • To detect and confirm presence of explosive and also to diffuse it. The ROV
    can detect the IED by a portable X-Ray mounted on the platform.
  • The on-board Water Jet Disrupter can be used to diffuse the IED.
  • It can also measure Radiation and Chemical Contamination levels
  • Robotic platforms that are used as an extension of human capability.
  • Is capable  of operating  outdoors  and  over  a  wide variety of terrain, functioning in place of humans.
  • The ROV is capable of being remotely controlled over a range of 500m line- of-sight or up to three walls within buildings.
  • The ROV can be deployed within buildings and climb stairs for handling hazardous material.
  • It has a robust manipulator arm having six degrees of freedom with gripper for handling suspected objects up to 20kg from 2.5m.
  • It  is  electrically  powered   by  special  batteries   and  can  be  utilized continuously for three hours before a recharge.
  • It has multiple cameras on-board for aiding the operator to drive as well as pick and handle sensitive objects.
  • The present technology is better than the existing solutions as it is cheaper in cost and easy to maintain.
  • The present  technology has many additional features  than  the  existing solutions.
Areas of Applications

  • Is useful for the Police and other Paramilitary Forces engaged in counter terrorist operations.
  • Any suspected object or baggage can be taken to a safe spot, inspected or X- Rayed in-situ and  diffused  if necessary  thereby  not  endangering  the personnel engaged in such missions
  • This can be used by the  Police, NSG and other  para-military forces for counter insurgency operations.
  • In addition it can be used at the Airports, Railway Stations, Shopping Malls etc. where such IED attacks are anticipated.
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