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Hydraulic and Lube Filters  
Product Description

Hydraulic and Lube Filters
The hydraulic system of LCA-Tejas operates  at 280-bar pressure  and provides power for quadruplex digital flight control system and aircraft utility services. LCA- Tejas hydraulic system is fitted with filters having mesh sizes in the range of 10 to 25 micron. Filters are used in pressure, return and drain lines, to ensure supply of clean oil to the system components for their reliable operations as per NAS (class-1) cleanliness level

These filters have a higher filtration rating (β≥100) and operate at -54 ºC to 135 ºC temperature conditions. Filters have been provided with unique by-pass valve & automatic shut-off valve arrangement, visual clogging indicator with manual reset and excellent resistance to flow fatigue. Filters developed are qualified for aircraft applications, in conformity with requirements of MIL-F-8815D standard

These filters have been  approved  in the  year 1999 for fitment  in aircraft by CEMILAC and DGAQA and all the LCA-Tejas aircrafts are fitted with these filters.

CVRDE has also developed filters for MBT-Arjun, Kaveri Engine and for ALH winch.

Areas of Applications

Military and commercial aircraft applications, marine applications and automobile applications.
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