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From the Battleground to the Kirana Store
Business Line, 14 February, 2011

While our bravehearts guard the countrys borders, ever ready to battle any aggressor, they need someone to fight mosquitoes. A request from the armed forces to find a safe and effective solution against mosquitoes, leaches and other insects they encounter in the inhospitable terrain they operate in has been met by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

After two decades of research, the organisation finally found the answer to eliminate mosquitoes. The scientists at Defence Research Development Establishment (DRDE) in Gwalior developed a new molecule, Diethyl Phenyl Acetamide (DEPA), to ward off mosquitoes. The product being used by the armed forces for some years has now been transferred for commercial production.

The DRDO has selected Jyothy Laboratories Ltd to manufacture DEPA and formulations based on it for commercial application, under the supervision of the DRDE.

“The fact that this technology has been effective for our armed forces for years, adds to its credibility,” said Mr M.P. Ramachandran, Chairman and Managing Director, Jyothy Laboratories Ltd.

Research for the formula had begun in 1983. Detailed studies were carried out on the toxicology, safety and bio-efficacy of DEPA. The formula has also been included in Indian Pharmacopoeia.

Under the aegis of a programme spearheaded by DRDO-FICCI-ATAC, it was decided to commercially manufacture DEPA for civilians.

After discussions between members of DRDO and industry body Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, it was decided that Jyothy Laboratories Ltd will be able to carry out the commercial manufacture of DEPA and bring out multi-insect repellent in various formats.

Affordable price
A company official said that they will bring out the products at an affordable price and market them for the mass market. The products will be for sale in India and abroad.

“Ever year many invaluable lives are lost due to various insect transmitted diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikungunia, yellow fever, and elephantiasis. We are pleased to have the opportunity provided to us by the DRDO to make the product,” said Mr Ramachandran.

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