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DRDO now takes on Mosquitoes, Launches Repellent Cream
The Hindu, 14 February, 2011

M. P. Ramachandran ,Chairman & Managing Director, Jyothy Laboratories Ltd. and Dr. Prahlada, Distinguished Scientist & Chief Controller R&D (Ae & SI), DRDO, launch the "Maxo Millitary & Maxo - Safe & Soft " a multi-insect repellent. Photo: Kamal Narang

According to DRDO, the artificially developed molecules in the cream interfere with the sensory mechanism of the mosquito, so that the insect is unable to detect human blood.

The DRDO now unveils a new insect repellent cream against mosquitoes, vectors of diseases like malaria, and dengue.

Launching the ‘Maxo Military’ and ‘Maxo Safe and & Soft Wipes,’ DRDO said the cream based product will fool the mosquitoes, will have a pleasant fragrance and will not block your skin pores - a common problem with such products.

“This cream is based on a uniquely configured, researched and tested molecule which acts like a decoy and cheats the mosquito. It does not allow mosquitoes to sense the presence of human blood in their vicinity,” Prahlada, Chief Controller, Research & Development, of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) told reporters.

According to DRDO, the artificially developed molecules in the cream interfere with the sensory mechanism of the mosquito and stop it from biting the humans.

Research and developed by DRDO, the product would be manufactured and marketed by Jyothy Laboratories Limited which also holds the license to sell it outside the defence forces.

The first of its kind mosquito repellent has been developed under a special technology commercialisation programme signed between the DRDO and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).

DRDO and FICCI signed the Accelerated Technology Assessment & Commercialisation (ATAC) programme in 2009 and have successfully commercialised more than 20 products for mass production by private industries.

“The cream has been developed keeping in mind the requirement of soldiers posted in forest and swampy areas. These soldiers are always susceptible to mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, chikungunya and dengue,” said M. P. Ramachandran, Chairman and Managing Director, Jyothy Labs.

Based on Diethyl Phenyl Acetamide (DEPA) technology, the product has gone under a series of advancements after its initial launch a few years ago.

Talking about the advance researches in the mosquito repellent creams, Mr. Prahlada said, “Mosquito repellent creams actually block the skin pores by sticking to it, and do not allow the skin to breathe.

“But this wipe does not block the skin pores, allowing it to breathe with a good fragrance. It gives a very smooth and comfortable feeling just like that of a facial cream or a moisturiser,” he added.

Besides Indian Army, the cream would also be supplied to the central paramilitary forces, engaged in border policing and naxal-infested areas.

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