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DRDO participates in India Africa business summit
Frontier India News Network , 11 October, 2011

DRDO will participate and exhibit more than 35 technologies at the International Exhibition organized on the sidelines of the India-Africa Business Partnership Summit held at International convention Centre at Hyderabad during 12- 13 October 2011.

Notable in this context is the DRDO – FICCI ATAC programme, which is a unique initiative that DRDO has embarked with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Indu stry (FICCI) – India "s apex business organization. The programme aims to create a commercial pathway to deliver technologies developed by DRDO for appropriate commercial markets for use in civilian products and services. This programme is first of its kind to be undertaken by DRDO in association with FICCI to actively spinout several of DRDO"s technologies for appropriate commercial markets both nationally and internationally.

DRDO is exhibiting 35 technologies from 11 premier laboratories working in the areas of food technology, life science, and environmental related technologies and also high end engineering applications which can help in ensuring food security, fighting pandemics , handling climate change and disaster management related issues and also combating terrorism. The technologies being exhibited are:

  • Master-batch of Photo Degradable Plastics –LDPE and LLDPE, CFEES
  • Treatment of Heavy Metal Contaminated Effluent/ Water by Electrochemical Technique, CFEES
  • Tender Coconut Water Preservation Technology, DFRL
  • Retort Pouch Processed Foods, DFRL
  • Hurdle Technology Preserved Fruits, DFRL
  • Intermediate Moisture (IM) Fruits, DFRL
  • Egg Biscuits, DFRL
  • Fibre Enriched Biscuits, DFRL
  • Hurdle Technology Stabilised Cooked Vegetables (French Beans, Capsicum), DFRL
  • Freeze Dried Food and Drinks, DFRL
  • Stack Encapsulation Technique, DFRL
  • Tetra Pack Products, DFRL
  • Stayfresh Chemicals for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, DFRL
  • Chapati Making Machines, DFRL
  • RO Based Mobile Water Purification System, DLJ
  • Construction of Instant Helipads, DLJ
  • PCM Cool Panel, DLJ
  • Non-Sparking Metal Tools (Cu-Ti Alloy), DMRL
  • Bio-Digester, DRDE
  • DEPA based Multi Insect Repellent, DRDE
  • Attracticide, DRDE
  • Typhigen Kit, DRDE
  • H1N1 Detection Kit, DRDE
  • Dengue IGM / IgG Elisa, DRDE
  • Chik IgM Elisa, DRDE
  • Chik Antigen Elisa, DRDE
  • JE Elisa, DRDE
  • Water Poison Detection Kit, DRDE
  • Herbal mosquito repellant vaporizer, DRL
  • Explosive Detection Kit (EDK), HEMRL
  • Foldable Cot, INMAS
  • Sanjeevani, NPOL
  • Remotely Operated Vehicle, R&DE(E)
  • Rapigrout, R&DE(E)
  • Expandable Mobile Shelter, VRDE

The commercialisation of DRDO technologies under the DRDO FICCI ATAC program is expected to strengthen the technological cooperation between India and Africa and would also reiterate India"s commitment to Africa"s growth and prosperity.


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