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Portable Water Bottle  
Product Description
Portable Water Bottle

The quality of drinking water is essentially of primary importance to human health. The potable water is very much essential for human consumption and free from chemical and biological contaminants. It is required to develop potable water bottle which can removes several chemical and biological contaminants from water. Because, clear water from well, pond, streams and other sources may not be necessarily being free from harmful dissolved ions and micro-organisms. So some low cost and reliable technology is to be developed for services as well as civil populace.

Considering the above fact, a portable water bottle was developed to provide pure drinking water by removing most of the harmful contaminants from water. It is able to remove main contaminants viz. iron and turbidity and more experiments are under progress to remove bacteria from water. The portable water bottle is suitable for disaster management like flood and other natural calamity. The portable bottle is expected to purify most of the chemical and biological contaminants from flood water. 
Areas of Applications
(1) Patent Status: Under progressing stage

(2) Specifications: Patenting not done

(3) Test Report

    It removes:
    (i) Iron from 5ppm to 1.5 ppm; 3ppm to 0.9 ppm 
    (ii) Turbidity from 99 NTU to 10 NTU
    More experiments on its improvements are under progress 
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