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Household Water Purification System  
Product Description

Household Water Purification System

The quality of drinking water is essentially of primary importance to human health. The potable water intended for human consumption should be aesthetically attractive and free from chemical substances and micro-organism in amounts which would prevent a health hazard. Natural water generally contains some dissolved/ suspended constituents which impart colour, odour and taste to water. Clear water from well, pond, streams and other sources may not be necessarily being free from harmful dissolved ions and micro-organisms.

In practice, it is necessary to evolve an eco-friendly technology that will be suitable for removal of major hazardous substances from water including heavy metals like iron, arsenic, manganese, etc. Low cost, reliable and affordable technologies for removal of contaminants from water sources for home scale use are the urgent requirements that will benefit the mass population. Taking this view into consideration, a household water purification unit was developed to provide pure drinking water by removing most of the harmful contaminants present in water. It enables to remove four main contaminants viz. arsenic, iron, manganese and bacteria (More works are under progress) from drinking water but retaining other essential dissolved salt/ions in water within the acceptable value. 

Areas of Applications
  1. It can remove arsenic, manganese, iron and bacteria from contaminated water
  2. Can be operated successfully without electricity with filtration rate 1.2 litres/hr
  3. Made of plastic materials and consist of aeration pump and two cylindrical chambers
  4. First chamber consists of ceramic candles
  5. Second chamber consists of main filtration unit with different layers of filter media

Arsenic      : From 200ppb to < 10ppb
Manganese: 2 ppm to < 0.1 ppm
Iron          : 30 ppm to <0.3 ppm
Manganese: 2 ppm to <0.1 ppm
Bacteria     : From 1000CFU/ml to Nil
Flow rate : 1.2 L/hr 
Operate without electricity 

Test Report
  1. The unit can bring down Iron concentration from an initial concentration as high as 30 ppm to permissible limit.
  2. Arsenic removal from 200ppb to < 10 ppb
  3. Manganese removal from 2ppm to < 0.2 ppm
  4. Bacteria (E. coli) can be brought down from 1000 cfu/ml to nil (More work is under progress).
  5. Filtration rate of the unit is 1.2 L/hr.
  6. All other parameters like TDS, Turbidity and Conductivity are well within permissible limit.
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