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Herbal Health from Dillenia Indica  
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Herbal Health from Dillenia Indica

The present innovation involves the processing of the fruit pulp of Dillenia indica to make the health  drink. Its nutritional data,  bacteriological and toxicological studies were conducted as per guidelines. The herbal product is manufactured from herbal plant fruits such as elephant apple (Dillenia Indica). It is used as an alternative medicine for digestive health problems. Further, it may be taken as energy drink in summer or humid environments for relief from heat stress, and the  like. Moreover,  such herbal  products  are  better  than  other  conventional herbal drinks because of high calorific value thereof and easily digestible nature. Additionally, such herbal products are highly rich in antioxidant properties.

Herbal health drink is currently under development  from the fruit of Elephant apple (Dillenia Indica). Because of unique taste and flavors of the drink, derived from non conventional fruits of North East India, it will have a dominant over health drinks of other fruits presently available in the market. Nutritionally also, it will be better  than other health drinks because of its high calorific value and easily digestible nature. It is highly rich in antioxidant properties.

Areas of Applications

It is highly recommended for anyone stationed in hot and humid climatic environments to get rid of heat stress.

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