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Herbal Adjuvant: DIP-HIP  
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Herbal Adjuvant: DIP-HIP

The technology is a herbal adjuvant which is an agent that  may stimulate the immune system and increase the response to a vaccine, without having any specific antigenic effect in itself. Adjuvant, have been used for decades as important agents for generation  of strong immune response  to vaccine antigens. Classically the adjuvants are determined by their ability to potentiate strong antibody response. However, besides generating strong immune response, they also act as immunomodulators by influencing the type and character of antibody generated. Therefore, the choice of adjuvant is of immense importance for the isotype and subclasses of IgGs, patterns  of cytokine and recruitment  of T  cells. Currently, Freund's Adjuvants are predominantly used in raising antisera in animals, whereas for humans  only Aluminium hydroxide (Alum) is in routine  use.  The lab has developed a new herbal adjuvant, called DIP-HIP, and compared its efficacy with complete Freund's Adjuvant and Alum. Animals were immunized with different antigens. The results indicated that antigens. The results indicated that antigen specific immunoglobulin  levels were  significantly enhanced  by DIP-HIP.  The cytokine profile also correlated very well with the Th1 and Th2 type of immune response  generated  on administration  of DIP-HIP. Interestingly, using different strains and different species, DIP-HIP responded better than CFA. The sustenance of antibody response in the body was for about more than four months using DIP- HIP. Immunization through different routes like intraperitoneal and intramuscular did  not  show  any  significant difference  nor  caused  any  muscular  damage, granulomatous reaction or dystrophy. The shelf life of DIP-HIP as such is for more than 3 years where as in the form of formulation with and antigen is about  4 months at 40 C. There is no haemolytic activity observed on treatment of both human and animal erythrocytes with DIP-HIP.

Areas of Applications

Incorporation of DIP-HIP will result in enhancing, accelerating and prolonging the antigen specific-antibody responses  in animals. The results are at par with Oil adjuvant  but  more  significant than  those  of  alum.  Thus the  new  adjuvant developed can substitute  oil and Alum adjuvants. Further advantages of DIP-HIP are the enhancement of immunogenicity, the reduction of antigen amount needed for a successful immunization, the reduction of frequency of booster immunization without any muscular damage or side effects.

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