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Dengue IgM ELISA  
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Dengue IgM ELISA

Dengue is the  most important  arboviral infection of medical importance.  It is now endemic in many parts of tropics and sub tropics, including India. There is no effective therapy  or prophylaxis available against this disease.  Therefore early diagnosis plays an important role in proper control and effective management  of patients. The innovation is a type of medical equipment and reagents in the form of kit for early detection  of dengue  fever. The subject technology is based  on indirect ELISA principle, using recombinant dengue protein antigen. The wells of ELISA plate is coated  with recombinant  dengue  antigens. The Dengue specific antibodies  present  in the  test  sera  bind with antigen. The reaction  is further processed  with the addition of antihuman  IgM-HRP conjugate. The reaction is observed through colorimetric interaction with chromogen. Color development is indicative of the presence of Dengue virus specific IgM antibodies in the test sample. The technology claims that the cross reactivity with other co-circulating members  of flavivirus grous are ruled out by employing recombinant  antigen thereby  making the  kit  more  specific for  dengue  virus only. Whereas  the commercially available Dengue IgM  ELISA kits are reported to have false positive results with malaria, leptospira, typhoid etc This kit is validated with more than 100 serum samples collected from recent Dengue outbreaks in India. It revealed >85% correlation with widely used commercial diagnostic kit .

Areas of Applications

This kit is very useful for early and rapid diagnosis of chikungunya infection with high sensitivity and Specificity

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