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Crataegus Crenulata: Herbal Health Drink to Overcome the Problem of Hypertension  
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Crataegus Crenulata: Herbal Health Drink to Overcome the Problem of Hypertension

Under prevailing circumstances there is a large demand in the modern society for the  soft  drinks of herbal  origin, which are  completely  free  from  hazardous chemicals, colours and preservatives. Secondly, the people like to have a beverage having medicinal properties  in the form of nutraceuticals  to cure the common human ailments of the  society. Hypertension is a common health  problem of masses now a days. Changed food habit and life style of modern  society has aggravated this problem considerably.

Several synthetic drugs under the different trade names are available in the market to overcome the problem of hypertension.  People taking these  synthetic drugs regularly for a long period may face some problems due to the side effects of these drugs. Since herbal products are safe to consume even for a long span of time. Keeping this in mind a herbal beverage from fruits berries of Crataegus crenulata having anti hypertensive  properties  has been  developed  by DRDO. Crataegus crenulata is endemic to Himalayan hills ranging from 900 to 2400m altitude and is locally known  as  "Ghingaroo".  Owing to  its  nutraceutical,   pharmaceutical, biotechnological and environmental usuage, DRDO has made a successful attempt in exploitation of Crataegus crenulata. The beverage developed from its berries are very nutritious, having flavonoides 2-3%, Vitamin  A 289 IU/100g, vitamin B12 110 ug/100g, Vitamin  C 57.8 mg/100g, Vitamin  E 289mg/100g protein 1.6%, calcium 3.79 mg/100g, magnesium 1.38 mg/100g, potassium 1.39mg/100g. Flavonoids and oligomeric proantho-cyaninidins are the most bioactive constituents present in berries of C, orenulata. Modern scientific research has shown that this shrub has patients with hypertension have shown that total flavanoides of Crataegus reduce cholesterol  level and improves cardiac functions. Besides this the  beverage  is useful in case of insomnia, neurasthenia,  anxiety and anorexia. No such herbal beverage is available in India so far hence keeping in view the healthcare  of the people attempt was made to introduce the beverage in the form of nutraceuticals.DRDO has developed herbal beverage from its berries.

Areas of Applications

This kit is very useful for early and rapid diagnosis of chikungunya infection with high sensitivity and Specificity

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