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Short Range Surveillance Radar  
Product Description

Short Range Surveillance Radar The innovation is the  state-of-the-art Lightweight, Man-Portable  Battery- Powered  Electronic Short Range Battlefield Surveillance Radar to provide All- Weather Surveillance against intrusion. The present radar system is capable of:

  • Searching a  specified sector  and  performing  track  while scanning for multiple targets
  • Detecting, tracking and aiding in classifying the moving targets

The radar has a detection range of:

  • Upto 500 meters for a crawling man

  • Two kms for a walking man
  • Five kms for a group of people or light vehicles and
  • Eight kms for heavy vehicles

The entire radar system can be carried by two persons and operated  on a tripod. The radar  is compact and weighs about  27 kg (packed in two modules; each weighing not more than 15 kg) and can be set up within six minute to match the speed and requirements of the users.

The radar  has sophisticated  built-in software  algorithms to detect,  track, and classify targets  like crawling man,  group  of walking men,  light and  combat vehicles, and low flying helicopters. It also has a built-in interface for automatic transfer  of target  data  to remote  locations and capability of integration  with imaging sensors.  The radar  is amenable  for mast-mounted  role on any light vehicle.

Areas of Applications

Major application  areas  include, Homeland  Security Applications e.g. Border Enforcement,  Maritime  Domain  Awareness,  Critical Infrastructure,   Industry Premises  Protection,  Law Enforcement  and  Coastal Surveillance, Avian  (Bird) Tracking for Bird-Aircraft Strike, Hazard Management,  Natural Resource Management,  Environmental Impact Assessments, Ornithology Research, and Marine Surveillance.
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