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Chikungunya IgM Elisa Detection Kit  
Product Description

Chikungunya IgM Elisa Detection Kit

Chikungunya has recently emerged as an important arboviral infection of medical importance, with explosive outbreaks  in many areas of India and Indian Ocean islands. There is no effective therapy or prophylaxis available against this disease. Therefore early diagnosis plays an important role in proper control and effective management of patients.

This kit is based  on indirect ELISA  principle, using recombinant  Chikungunya protein antigen. The wells of ELISA plate was coated with recombinant Chikungunya antigens. The Chikungunya specific antibodies present in the test sera bind with antigen.  The reaction  was further  processed  with the  addition  of antihuman IgM-HRP conjugate. The reaction was observed through colorimetric interaction with chromogen. Color development  is indicative of the presence of Chikungunya virus specific IgM antibodies in the test sample.

Areas of Applications

This kit is very useful for early and rapid diagnosis of chikungunya infection with high sensitivity and Specificity

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