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The Interrogator  system also called Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) in civil application plays a vital role in the Air Defence system of a country. In an emerging complex security environment, timely and accurate identification of all targets – friendly and hostile as well as locating threat targets – is of paramount importance. This can be achieved with the help of Interrogator system
The system consists of two sub-systems, namely the Interrogator and a Transponder. It operates  as per the recommendations  of Annexure 10 of International Civil Aviation  Organisation (ICAO) and STANAG 4193. SSR Interrogator operates in conjunction with a compatible Transponder that is fitted on the  target  aircraft. The airborne  interrogator  transmits  pulsed  signal with suitable spacing as per the desired mode of interrogation in a specified direction. Aircraft fitted with compatible transponder  receives the interrogation signal and replies back in the form of another coded signal. These coded replies are received by the  interrogator  and processed  for identification. It differentiates  between friendly and  enemy  targets,  by comparing  the  response  received  from  the interrogated target with its own database
It provides additional target details such as height, range and azimuth. In addition, it can extract the target status like Communication Failure, Emergency and Hijack. Operation in mode – '4' enhances its capability to be secured, jam resistant and resistant to spoofing. Mode S or mode “select”, is a way to interrogate an airframe by using a distinct address,  such as an aircraft address,  that  only a particular airframe will respond. The IFF Interrogator system consists of E-Scan or M-Scan Antenna Array, Transmitter, Receiver and Signal processor.

Areas of Applications

Security and Surveillance, Air Traffic Control
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