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Dissipative Acoustic Silencer  
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Dissipative Acoustic Silencer

The subject technology is a sound  absorption  device to moderate  the  sound effect of a machine. Noise reduction can be achieved by modification of source or path or receiver. Among these,  modification of path is most practicable. For intakes and exhausts of air/gas handling systems, Dissipative Acoustic silencers is one such solution. These silencers attenuate noise in ducts through which gas/air flows by baffling process. The silencers are made up of ducts filled with spaced baffles. They work on the principle of sound absorption for reducing the noise. Dissipative acoustic silencer is a noise control device for ducts in which gas flows. Broadband sound  attenuation can be  achieved  by using these  silencers. The silencer works on the  principle of sound  absorption  through  its baffles. Each baffle  consists  of  a  perforated   metallic  sheet   filled with  sound  absorbing material. Silencer attenuation takes place by ing dissipated sound energy into heat.  The technique was employed in developing acoustic silencers for various shipboard equipment such as Gas Turbines and Ventilation fans.

Dissipative acoustic silencer is an important noise control device which is widely used to attenuate the noise in ducts through which gas flows and in which the broadband  sound attenuation must be achieved which a minimum of pressure drop across the silencer. Dissipative silencers attenuate sound by converting the acoustical energy propagating  in the  passages into heat.  NSTL has developed acoustic  silencers  for  Gas  turbine  intake  and  Ventilation  fans.  With  these silencers, 10 to 12 dB (A) noise reduction was achieved.
Areas of Applications
These can be used for reducing air borne noise caused by air flow at the intake and  exhaust  ducts  of  gas  turbine,   air  conditioning  and  ventilation  ducts connected to small and large industrial fans, cooling tower installations etc
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