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Electrochromic Window  
Product Description

Electrochromic Window

The technology  is an  electrochromic  window,  alternatively  known  as  smart window. The electrochromic window can be darkened or lightened electronically and can be controlled through a remote control device. A small voltage applied to the windows causes them to darken and reversing the voltage causes them to lighten. This capability allows for the automatic control of the amount of light and heat that passes through the windows, thereby presenting an opportunity for the windows to be used as energy-saving devices.

This innovation  can be  effectively used  towards  reducing electricity loads by integrating it within the buildings. It can also be used in cars for reducing the effects of headlight glares which otherwise cause visual discomfort and diminishing ability to see the surroundings during nighttime driving and during bright, sunny days.

The developed EC window technology has got advantages in many folds over the existing technologies (such as liquid crystal window, thermo chromic window and photo chromic window) like (i) Dynamic control of solar transmission i.e. between
17- 70% achievable with fast switching time and low dc power consumption i.e. from 1 to 3v (ii) Control is possible through a dimmer switch or remote  control device (iii) Transmits high levels of visible light while reflecting invisible solar heat and therefore provide both visual and thermal comfort (iv) Response time is very fast i.e. < 1 minute (v) The raw material Costs are comparatively less. Approx. Cost is
Rs. 800/-sq. ft. and reducible on bulk production.

Areas of Applications

  • Residential & commercial buildings
  • Motor industries
  • Rear view mirror
  • Front glass window
  • Sun roof for energy saving
  • Air force helicopter canopies
  • Safety goggles
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