DRDO-FICCI Initiative on Acclerated Technology Assessment and Commercialization
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Latest News : DRDO ties up with Baba Ramdev to market supplements   For details click here...
The DRDO - FICCI ATAC programme aims to create a commercial pathway to deliver technologies developed by DRDO for appropriate commercial markets for use in civilian products and services read more
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MoU Exchange between DMRL, DRDO & Pahwa MetalTech Pvt Ltd 2016, New Delhi
Parrikar Prasises Ficci in DRDO Tie-up with Baba Ramdev
Technologies for Commercialization
Technologies for Commercialization
Food Technologies Food Technologies
Our relationship with food has changed with time. ...
Social Impact Technologies Social Impact Technologies
Technology has spawned broad social change. ...
engineering Technologies Engineering Technologies
Engineering technology is the application of engineering principles ...
Material based Technologies Material based Technologies
A variety of eco-friendly, energy efficient and recyclable materials...
Other Technologies Others
Find here a wide range of research developments, consumer Product ...
Budget Announcement on Biotoilets
FICCI MEDIA DIVISION, 27 February, 2015
FICCI Unveils Agenda for Export of Indian Defence Products
FICCI MEDIA DIVISION, 17 February, 2014
Launch of DRDO Developed Explosive Detection Kit Technology for US Market
USIBC, 1615 H Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20062, 2 August, 2013
DRDO could sell its explosive detector in US
Times of India, 1 August, 2013
India is world's capital for open defecation: Ramesh
New Delhi , ibnlive , 28 July, 2012
Indian railway: World's biggest open toilet
Times of India, 27 July, 2012
Railways world’s largest open toilet: Jairam
Indian Express ,New Delhi, , 27 July, 2012
Defence vs rural development: Antony debates with Ramesh
New Delhi ,zeenews., 27 July, 2012
India on road to be open defecation free
New Delhi, asianage., 27 July, 2012
Reduce defence budget, fund toilets: Jairam Ramesh
New Delhi, timesofindia., 27 July, 2012
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